Labour: Supply, Training & Development

Having recognised the global shortage of properly skilled and competent artisans the Hydra Arc Group established a labour supply business, Jomele Labour Hire and Placements, which both recruits and trains artisans for placement within the Group and to our customers.

Today Jomele boasts an extensive database of skilled artisans and houses the Hill-Side Artisan which trains up to 1000 artisans each year. This highly successful business enables the Group to:

  • Access relevant skills as and when required
  • Enhance its competitive advantage
  • Meet customer demand on short notice
  • Rapidly mobilize manpower on any given project
  • Retain relevant skills and sufficient numbers to meet its growth objectives


Our focus on training has enabled us to attract and retain the essential skills required to maintain and develop our various businesses. This is as true today as it was when we were founded in 1987. Our skilled people are, and will remain, the cornerstone of our success.

Welding is a major component of the Hydra Arc Group’s core business, and as part of its Human Resources Development strategy, its focus is to up skill welders to combat the serious lack of these skills in the industry and country. In line with such Human Resource Development strategy, the Hydra Arc Group recently recruited 30 previously disadvantaged learners, the group consisting of 15 males and 15 females.

These new learners’ arrived in Secunda on the 8th October 2014, and on the 9th October 2014, they were ready to start with their learning in our Hill-Side Artisan Academy.

"We are good to go" says Mr Potgieter, the Training Manager

The planned training programme that the learners will be undergoing will take three to four years and includes theoretical training, practical training and in – field training . After the four phase training process, if found competent, the learners may be coded as Double Coded Welders and will undergo a Trade Test. It is hoped that after successful completion of their training programs, the learners shall be employed and placed as Qualified Welders.

Views from some of our new learners:

"We are all so excited to be here; to learn and understand what welding is all about, in order to become Professional Welders"

"So far we have learned that when you are welding you need to concentrate and safety comes first, so far so good,we are also trained to behave well and to respect each other."

"This is a good Company, it also provides us with accommodation, food, transport and above that we get paid for being trained"."I will do whatever it takes to make it!"