Hydra Arc Group consists of associated companies which operate primarily in the petro-chemical, construction, mining and power generation industries. The Group companies specialise in:

  • Pressure Vessel & Piping Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Refinery Maintenance
  • Supply of Specialized Labour & Training
  • Tooling and Equipment Supply

The Hydra Arc Group prides itself on being a world leader in the welding field, combining over 25 years of specialised experience with innovation and a willingness to embrace and develop new technologies.


The common vision of the Hydra Arc Group is to become a global leader in the steel construction and fabrication industries, whilst ensuring sustainable profitability and the inclusion of all our people in our success.


Our mission is to become the best in all that we do whilst delivering long term value to our shareholders and employees. In striving to be the best in all that we do we will ensure that our customers, suppliers and our broader community stakeholders are enriched by their association with us.


Our values define who we are as a Group and form all our decisions, actions and behaviours. We strive to ensure that all our employees share, and consistently act in terms of, our common shared values of:

  • QUALITY - Excellence in all that we do.
  • SAFETY - Everything we do, we do safely.
  • PEOPLE - Empowering our people ot excel in a caring and rewarding work environment.
  • INTEGRITY – Zero tolerance to unethical conduct and the consistent application of ethical standards and practices.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS – The delivery of quality, on-time products and services which ensure value creation.
  • INNOVATION - Finding new ways to do it better, faster and more cost effectively.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Sharing our success by enriching the lives of others through skills development, job creation and cummunity programs.
  • ENVIRONMENT - Our commitment is to making a difference for our planet and our people through environmentally sound and sustainable workplace practices.